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LIFE ! They say life is beautiful, They say life is amazing, they say life is a gift. They say that hwne life came to earth, our planet became more beautiful, to live is to breath, to live is to touch, to live is eat, to live is to drink. They way of life is to move, but how can we live? how can we breath? how can we touch? how can we eat? how can we drink? if the world we live in, dictates us and tells us not to live or to breath or to eat or to drink. The world tells us to follow it, if we deny its command, we parish. We parish like the millions of people who are killed in war in Iraq and Afghanistan just because the world says we are different, we parish like so many little boys and girls who die in Africa because the world says they don't deserve food, we parish like the young men and women who have nothing to do what so ever with terrorism but are still captured and tortured and murdered. Slaughter and butchery, killings and murders, rape and thievery, if people say life is amazing then why do I open the newspaper to find people dying on the street? if people say life is amazing then why do everytime I open my TV I find news of disaster and blasphemy? if people say life is a gift? then why oh why, we the people take this gift from other people? have we forgotten our true selves and let go of it? then I have to ask why spread so much fear and take the gift of life from people? we are same children of adam? then why do you scare people, then I have to it the life that scares me to death Our country Pakistan, was found upon the basic principles of Unity, Faith and discipline. It was founded because we muslims wanted a land where we could be our selves and grow prosperious by following our religion. Our leader Quid e azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah believed in unity, to stand together and move forward, he believed in faith, to have hope for a better future

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