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Six Positions Employers Are Always Hiring Even in today's economy, employers are struggling to fill some jobs. Are you qualified to apply? By Jennifer Berry You may not believe it in this sluggish economy, but many careers are still experiencing strong growth year after year, and employers are having trouble finding qualified applicants to fill open positions. If slow economic recovery makes that seem hard to believe, consider this: According to Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, president/CEO of Great Resumes Fast, "employers are struggling to fill positions that require specialized training or expertise. If the position requires a specialized subset of skills or experience that only a few select candidates have, these positions become very hard to fill." Marie Zimenoff, President of The National Resume Writers' Association, agrees. "There is a mismatch in the skills people have been trained for and what the market needs," she says. "The workforce needs are changing much faster than educational institutions can create new programs to fill them." If you're thinking about going back to school, it's important to have the skills appropriate for today's job market. To help you sift through your options, here's a list of jobs that employers need to fill now - and how you can prepare to pursue them. Career #1 - Accountant Do you enjoy trying to figure out the best use of your financial resources? That same instinct could serve you well in a career as an accountant - one of the jobs employers are looking to fill right now. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, accountants keep accurate financial records, compute taxes, and help companies run efficiently by assessing their financial operations. Why They're Needed Now: Two reasons we're seeing an increased demand for accountants? "Stricter regulations and the recent financial crises," says Hernandez simply.

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