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Examine May's view of love. How does your personality shape your view of love? How does your personality impact others that you are in relationships with? Reflect back on your Myers-Briggs results and include the results in your post (example: INTJ). I have learned through Myers-Briggs test that I am a (ENFJ). ENFJ stands for Extraverted Intuitive Feeling and Judging (Feisty & Feisty). Having an ENFJ personality some would say we are characterized by having tremendous charisma as well as being organized and trying to develop and promote personal growth in the people we value. Having the personality of ENFJ, my view on love is that I put a lot effort and enthusiasm in to my committed relationships. I am very affectionate and considerate when it comes to my mate. I have been told several times by my friends that when I fall in love, I love hard. My personality sometimes can be to straight forward when it comes to the things I want or how I want it. I am very motivational and inspirational to others. I tend to bring out the best in my fiancé. My fiancé would say that I am sometimes moody as well. I have days when I am overprotective of him. I guess this would be due to previous relationships. I will admit that I am a little controlling and sometimes manipulative. I have four brothers and I was spoiled rotten growing up as a teenager. Every since then I have always been the type to either work hard to get the things I want or whoever, my significant other is normally ends up giving me what I want. I am trying to work hard on my flaws and it is sometimes complicated. I found that my fiancé and I have a great relationship. Some may say that because we are both Virgo’s that we should conflict with each other. However, that’s far from the truth. We are very much compatible. Sometimes I do get on his at times with my OCD. I am constantly trying cleaning, changing things

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