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Yoshiko Uchida describes her life and the lives of other Japanese Americans before, during, and after the WWII, in "Desert Exile." Life was filled with appreciation and comfort for the Japanese Americans, even though there were some, like her, uncomfortable with their uniqueness. Although many of the Japanese Americans were citizens of the United States, they sometimes didn't receive equal treatment. Her life accounts describe her life to be filled with many friends of herself and her family's friends, who they were closely tied to. Her family was one of those families that was always keen on helping anyone in need. The sudden Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor brought many hardships in the ways of these Americans, because of their Japanese ancestry. Even though these families were faced with much hard times in the internment camps, they made the best of it by re-starting their lives, so they could feel at home again. The life of Yoshiko was filled with many comforts, unlike many of the other Japanese Americans. Her father had a nice job, which sometimes kept him away, but he always brought gifts for his family, to show his care for them. Meanwhile her mother was the hostess who entertained anyone who knocked on her door, and provided everyone with gifts. The life before the war comfortable, yet filled with embarrassments at times from the cultural ways of her ancestry, even though they weren't strict followers. She describes her life as always being surrounded by people, friends of parents, who visited constantly, which vexed her because her mother could hardly find time to herself and with her daughters. The deep generosity of her family shows the good morals that she grew up with, as her mother taught her and her sister that "Indifference is the worst fault of all" . There were other times where she felt uncomfortable with herself, because of the exclusion her kind

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