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Clements Persuasive Letter Lit/Comp. IV 23 January 2009 Dear Society: Should a man have the right to kill another man without punishment by law? For natural selection is the only reason we are at the status, on Earth, that we are today. But should it be stopped?(RQ) By protecting man under a government, we are no longer inheriting survival traits, no longer evolving.(R) Imagine what man would be if murder was just another obstacle in life. First, mankind would be a lot stronger and prideful in themselves if survival was constantly on their mind. A person would have to be confident in their ability to defend themselves, or they wouldn't survive. Also, many flaws of mankind like, laziness and obesity would be naturally corrected. (EMA) Secondly, some might say that killing anyone under any circumstance is wrong, or unethical.(CA) They reason out in their head that murder is senseless. But who is to reason with survival? Man is capable of tremendous things when put in the situation. The true colors of man would be brought to the surface for all to see.(AA) (EA) Third, it is only logical for evolution to continue if murder was legal. Mankind in general would be a stronger, more fit race to reign the earth. By halting this natural selection, we gain traits that are not necessarily essential to survival. Some traits gained might actually be harmful or fatal to the body. With a body naturally built to survive, undesirable traits would be avoided. (LA) In conclusion, mankind would benefit greatly from legal murder. With evolution continuing, man would be a better, more efficient race and would continue to prosper till the end of time. there is no way of telling what path man would take, but there is a way to control it. Sincerely, Benny

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