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. Individuals can experience sudden realization about how important life is when something significant happens to them. In the excerpt from Meet Joe Black Parrish acknowledges the significance of his family when he realizes that he will be facing his death soon. Suddenly he starts worrying about his daughters Allison and Susan, and tells them how much they are important to him. In the novel Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom one of the main characters Mitch gets lost in his busy life after graduating from the university. He takes his life for granted. After knowing that his professor Morrie Swartz is dying, he comes to realize that life is very important. As a result he starts taking lessons from Morrie to learn about the importance of things that are crucial in life. Likewise, Ali, my friend in Pakistan belonged to a rich family. The only thing he knew was to rely on his father’s money. When his father died from a heart attack, all the business responsibilities came on him. He realized that money was not the only important thing in life. If we observed carefully, life can be a lot more important than what we think it is. There are certain things in are life which make us realize how important life is. In the excerpt from Meet Joe Black, Parrish starts thinking about his family when he learns he is about to die. In his busy life he never got time to feel what it felt like to have a family. He realizes that he have spent most of his life in worrying about other things rather than his family. When he feels that he is close to death, he suddenly starts thinking about Allison and Susan. Parrish hugs Allison in a way that it looks like he has realized how much important his daughters were. His busy life and greed about money has kept him away from staying with his daughters. He says to his youngest daughter Susan that “I want you to know that how much I love you.

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