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Life Essay

  • Submitted by: jteed101
  • on December 10, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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Intercultural communication is the communication that occurs when people from different cultures interact (Alberts, 2010). Studying intercultural communication is very important, especially in today’s every changing environment. Every person is so diverse, whether it is their appearance or the way they act no two people are alike. This is why I found studying intercultural communication so interesting.
When first adapting the college atmosphere, the idea of meeting new people and making new friends was very bittersweet. As a college freshman you are bombarded by a whole new lifestyle, filled with people who may not be of the same ethnicity as you are. I have found that interacting with other cultures is overall a very enlightening experience. My job not only allows me to mingle with other cultures but allows me to communicate effectively with them. I have been working at a country club in my area for three years now, and within those three years I have met amazing people of other cultures. Initially starting this job I was under a complete culture shock. The company I work for is not only a bar and restaurant but caters weddings, parties, etc. When having to work those functions you as a hostess and or server have to communicate effectively with your patrons, regardless if they can speak perfect English or look differently than the people you are normally surrounded by. This is why I felt connected while we discussed intercultural communication.  
Three concepts that I found particularly interesting regarding intercultural communication was, learning the benefits of intercultural communication, border dwellers, and improving communication skills across different cultures. There are four main factors that show the importance of intercultural communication. They allow for more job opportunities, improved business success, better group relations, and greater self-awareness (Alberts, 2010).   When people learn to effectively deal with other cultures they allow...

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