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A great friend of mine Robert Royer once said it best… LIFE! At that moment the five of us immediately knew exactly what he was talking about. The answer to life was just life. He needed to go no further. We all knew the same images and thoughts were racing through each others minds while simultaneously we giggled uncontrollably as if life is just a big joke. Still to this day we laugh about that hilarious night all it takes is for one of us to say LIFE! It is so weird that in that moment we all knew what he was talking about and when I reminisce I can visualize what went through my mind but its so hard to describe because it just seemed like so much flashed at once like a combustion of thoughts, memories, images of family and friends, re-living trials and tribulations,triumphs and tragedies, the heartbreaks, the celebrations, the personal growth, and every single relationship i had ever had with another person what i gained or learned from them. It was powerful and impacting. So if you ask me today what is life? I believe that when it comes down to it human life is purely a matter of deciding what's important to you and to quote Jimi Hendrix "I'm the one that has to die when its time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to". Some may argue "well thats a selfish way of thinking" and maybe they're right but thats also is JUST their opinion. I love the saying "never take life too seriously because nobody gets out alive". I think that everyone wonders what life is really about. And that it could be an infinite struggle that we may never have a full proof answer to. In my life it is important to me to achieve success, be a part of my big crazy family, make a difference in one way or another be it with one person or a group of people, its important to me to try new things to discover everything I can while I am able to. I am still growing and still

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