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Lies of a Truth Mark Twain once said “A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar.” But to be able to acknowledge one’s self as a liar you must first now your lies. Stephanie Ericsson wrote a short essay called “The Ways We Lie” where she clearly defines nine different types of lies three-of-which include facades, omission, and the exclusive white lie which I give examples of from my life, the life of a famous deceiver, and “The Crucible” by Author Miller. (Ericsson 1, 2) One of the most famous acts of lying is nicknamed the Ponzi scheme. One of the more well know and resent accounts of this lie was committed my Bernard Madoff who scammed tons of people out of $50 billion dollars, but most people don’t know how that name came about. Charles Ponzi, more well know as Carlo Ponzi gave the Ponzi scheme its name. He told investors in 90 days he could boast their invested return buy 50 percent. After the first few investors were paid off by the other investors the world wanted to know how they could get that kind of return, and they started to invest in Charles’s company “The Security Exchange Company”. A few months later Charles was making millions; before all the scandals caught up with him and was eventually sent to prison. According to “The ways we Lie” this type of lie would be considered a façade; Stephanie Ericsson defines a façade as “An illusion to make someone think you’re someone you’re not in order to perceive a better presence.”(Ericsson 1) And that’s exactly what Charles Ponzi did. He made people think he could earn them more money in order for them to give him their money. In the play The Crucible, most of the story is a lie or based on a lie. One lie that isn’t as big or commonly noticed is when John Proctor tells his wife Elizabeth the soup she gave him is well seasoned, but he adds table salt to it. He told her

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