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General teaching tips for Kid’s Box posters The posters for Kid’s Box are designed to be a stimulating visual complement to each unit of the course, covering both the unit vocabulary and grammar. Please refer to each unit in the poster teaching tips for specific suggestions. Below are some ideas that can be used with all the posters: • As the poster will be a constant visual reminder of the unit language, use it as a quick warmer, or at the end of class to reinforce the target grammar or vocabulary. Use the additional images on the posters to extend pupils’ vocabulary and grammar. Label these with sticky notes. Encourage pupils to play the teacher role in any of the activities you do with the posters. Play the unit songs and chants as you point to the corresponding images on the posters. Exploit the topic in the poster to open up a class discussion. Encourage pupils to point to images on the poster to illustrate their ideas. Use recurring characters to revise vocabulary and grammar from earlier units. Encourage pupils to create imaginary dialogues between the characters in the posters. Nominate one of the characters the ‘expert’ and ask pupils to think of five questions to ask him/her, e.g. the time travelling scientist from Level 5 – What food did they eat in Medieval times? Give pupils ten seconds to look at the written words on the poster, and then cover the words with sticky notes. Ask pupils to remember the correct spellings and write them down. Remove the sticky notes to reveal the words as pupils check their work. • Cover parts of the poster with pieces of paper. Divide pupils into teams and ask them to remember and describe the covered pictures. Award points to those who remember the most. Turn the poster round, and play a memory game. Ask pupils what they can remember about the poster. They can also try and reproduce the poster in a drawing, which they

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