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Table of Contents Cover 1 Table of Contents 2 Task 3 Introduction 4 Cost Centres 5-8 Income Centres 9- 10 The relevance of investigating the cost and income centres 11 Conclusion 12 References 13 Task The purpose of the following report is to give specialist suggestions on the development of The Nutmeg restaurant and bar which is situated at the Brewery Quarter of Cardiff, which may assist the management in determining the actual cash revenue and profit percentages. Unfortunately the restaurant is not achieving its desired profit despite its apparent success. I will look into the specialist side of the cost and income centres which are applicable to food and beverage. The following report will include six major cost and income centres which will be worth investigating. I will explain the relevance of investigating these centres and how it will affect profitability. I will also look into problems that may be found. Introduction Cost: ‘The

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