Licensed Nurse Vs Registered Nurse Essay

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With today’s unemployment rate and economic woes there still seems to be a demand for nurses. Although the practice of Licensed Practical Nurse and a Registered Nurse can have many over-lapping duties, there are also remarkable differences in the two professions. These variances can range from; job demand, wages, education, skills, and future employment possibilities. By looking at the two, a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Practical Nurse, most would not know the difference between them. The LPN performs basic care duties and cares for the patient under the guidance of the Registered Nurse while, the RN cares for the patient and educates them about their health condition under the direction of a health care provider, such as the physician.…show more content…
As a LPN would take a year or less, the RN can take up to three years. For both the RN and LPN there is an entrance exam that must be passed in order to be accepted into the program. The LPN is a non- degree program and combines classroom and clinical hours. For the RN program you must obtain an associate’s degree in nursing. Upon completion both the LPN and RN are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination). “NCLEX is an exam that measures the competencies needed to perform safely and effectively as an entry level nurse” (…show more content…
They are both additionally accountable for the patients well-being, answering call lights, administering prescribed medications, starting intravenous fluids, writing times and amounts in charts, and they both may supervise nursing

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