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Library Pet Peeve Essay

  • Submitted by: bobslobrob
  • on March 29, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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With a raise of hands, how many people use the library here at Washington College?

Now, with a raise of hands, how many people admit to socializing in the library?

I hate that.

If I am not mistaken, a basic elementary school principle was that the library was a quite place. I can remember signs in my library with bright bold colors that said NO TALKING.   I can remember my classmates being sent out to the hall or asked to go back to class because they were talking in the library. I remember our teachers having us “flip our red card over” because we were disruptive in the library. Lets face it; we all know that the library is a QUITE PLACE. Yet from time to time again when I visit the library, people are socializing. Talking on the phone, loudly smacking their gum, slurping to get the last drop of iced coffee from their cup, discussing weekend plans and the often phrase “OMG THAT TEST WAS SO HARD” are just some of the common library annoyances I hear in the library.

Personally, I try and avoid the library at all costs. But what about the people with no computers or obnoxious roommates? What about those with a huge biology exam the next day or a 10 page paper due by midnight? These people need a quite area to do their homework and study. Some people are unable to study in their room and often seek out another, quite place. Naturally, this would be the library. But what can one accomplish when others are socializing or being just down right loud and obnoxious in the library? Nothing.

So, what can we do about it?

First. If you must answer a phone call or discuss your weekend plans with someone you run into, take it outside. Answer your phone in the library and politely ask to hold on a minute until you reach the door. If you run into a friend and the conversation is going to last for more than a few seconds, take it outside. It’s that simple. The library even provides outside tables for your socializing pleasure.

Second, if you are working on a...

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