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Ammara Abid 9/10/14 Chem 106 A Library for Chemists Observations: * The hydrochloric acid and rubbing alcohol look almost exactly identical. If the labels weren’t on it I wouldn’t know what they were. * The mineral oil looks slightly thicker than the alcohol * The zinc shot has a small tiny teardrop shape * Zinc shot: grey color- less shiny than the granular * Zinc powder: has the consistency of flour except it is grey * Zinc Mossy: Big ½ inch pieces of zinc that resembles the zinc shot in color and texture but they are not teardrop shaped * Solid iodine: small circular pieces- black with a dark purple sheen * The solid iodine has an unpleasant smell that resembles bleach Solubility Test: Water | * The iodine does not dissolve even when crushed, the water only turns a pale yellow orange, which we assumed, is because the color of the iodine transferred into the water. Yet, we can still see a large amount of solid iodine still at the bottom of the test tube * The Zinc does not dissolve at all, the water remains clear and the zinc does not to effect it | Mineral Oil | The iodine is slightly soluble. The color of the test tube is deep purple but you can still see a bit of the iodine in the oil | Potassium Iodide | The iodine is soluble in the potassium iodide solution. It dissolved completely. The test tube gives off a dark brown color with a orange hue around the rim | Rubbing Alcohol | The iodine is slightly soluble in the rubbing alcohol. The color is the same as the potassium iodide solution but a good chunk of the iodine remains as the bottom | Hydrochloric Acid | The zinc starts fizzing immediately after it is placed into the HCl. Bubbles begin to form around the top rim of the acid. After a little bit we can see that the zinc has dissolved somewhat but there is still some left in the test tube |

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