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History 1301 US History to 1877 WINTER 2011 Instructor: Dr. Jaime Ramón Olivares CLASS DAYS: 9-12 M-F Email: Office Hours: By Appointment Phone: 713-718-6229 ( for the rarest occasions) Website: Please feel free to contact me concerning any problems that you are experiencing in this course. You do not need to wait until you have received a poor grade before asking for my assistance. Your performance in my class is very important to me. I am available to hear your concerns and just to discuss course topics. Feel free to come by my office anytime during these hours. Core Curriculum: The basic intellectual competencies for core courses include reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and computer literacy. Instructional Methodology: Lectures. This is a three hour course. Except for the first day and exam days, I will lecture the entire three hours. To make your lives easier, I will break down each lecture into 2-3 parts. So you will receive either 2-3 10 minute breaks to allow for restrooms,etc. Course Rationale The Texas legislature requires students to take 6 hours of American history to graduate from an institution of higher learning in Texas. This course helps fulfill that requirement. Students taking History 1301 can expect to improve their reading and writing competencies, critical thinking skills, research skills, etc., all of which help students better succeed in life outside academia. Common Course Objectives: After completing History 1301 the student should be able to: 1. Describe the European background of New World colonization and identify motives of those who migrated to the western hemisphere. 2. Explain the diversity of English speaking colonies of North America. 3. Describe the societies that evolved in the English colonies of North

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