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So Vinh Hin Christian Belief Feb. 2 2012 Conference with the librarian My experience with the librarian was really interesting .I made an appointment with the librarian her name is Marsha. She asked me what I was looking for and I told her I need help finding resources for the title I was planning to work on. I showed her the topic that I chose to write my term paper on, so she went on the SWAU library sight and we strolled around the library website and she showed me how to use the website to search for the My topic is,” The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ.” What she did was typed in some term words to narrow down the search so it would be easier to find the books on that selection, which was death and resurrections. There were a lot of selections on death and resurrection but we were able to choose a couple of books from the list that was available in the library. I wrote down the call numbers and self locations of the book that I was interested in so we can locate the book later on. She also showed us how to find articles and classic search to find what we needed and there was another one where you cannot take out the book but it can be only used in the library which is called the Heritage room. She looked at the book and told me to read that chapter and figure out which books I can pull out that refer to the topic. She also looked at the end of the chapter and found references and that some of the books that are in the reference, they have s in the library. After we were done with the search, we took a stroll around the library, she showed me where the books could be located and what the call numbers are for and how to look for the books. She also showed me where the nursing books are located in case if I need to find something there for my nursing classes. The library has many selections in articles, many books, database, and

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