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R3/17/14 The LIBOR scandal. Can we trust LIBOR rates again even after reform? Seven Pillars Institute Seven Pillars Institute Home About Us Board Staff Contact Us Services Educational Institutions Financial Institutions Government Mission Quest The Purpose of Finance Goals 3 Scope Dictionary Like Moral Terms Financial Terms 1 Journal Author Guidelines Tw eet Article Submissions 0 Case Studies The LIBOR scandal and reform agenda: Can we trust these rates again? What Should We Charge the Poor: Ethics in Microfinance Shining a Light on Dark Pools The EU Financial Transaction Tax Debate HSBC Money Laundering Case: “Too Big to Fail” does not mean “Too Big To Jail” Quantitative Easing and Income Inequality Bank of America’s Takeover of Merrill Lynch Insider Trading in Japan: The Nomura Case Private Equity Funds: Christian Ethics and Leveraged Buyout Funding The FSA vs. David Einhorn: A Case of Regulatory Overreach? Nationalization: Argentina vs. Spain, the YPF Repsol Case Jon Corzine and MF Global Dimon and the Whale The Ethics of Taxation Trilogy: Part I – An Ethical Analysis of Inheritance Tax The Ethics of Taxation Trilogy: Part II – The Buffett Rule and The Ethics of a Millionaire’s Tax The Ethics of Taxation Trilogy: Part III – Carried Interest and Taxing Private Equity Taiwan’s Asset Management Corporations Insider Trading: What Would Rawls Do? The Dearth of Ethics and the Death of Lehman Brothers Financing, Ethics, and the Brazilian Olympics Islamic Finance Taiwan’s Credit Card Crisis The Accumulation of Greek Debt Goldman Sachs and The ABACUS Deal High Frequency Trading Hedge Funds Disclosure: The Bernie Madoff Case Applying Rawls to Finance Mark Cuban and Insider Trading IndyMac and the Office of Thrift Supervision 1/12 3/17/14 The LIBOR scandal. Can we trust LIBOR rates again

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