Liberty Essay

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The shimmering mists of dusk slowly pervade into the dark stillness of the night as yet another day breaks across the horizon. The first signs of life begin to show as thousands of birds zoom across the sky in perfect symmetrical shapes twittering and chirping. The cock welcomes the new day by crowing loudly as the snow-streaked peaks gleam in the first rays, a picture of might and glory. Hands are raised across the globe irrespective of creed, cast or race in the praise of the Lord as each mortal stands shoulder to shoulder, as equals, marvelling the beauty of the sunrise. Nature is speaking volumes of its freedom and every being claims its liberty. Ahhh…Liberty. The oxygen of the soul in other words as Moshe Dayan has put it; it is the reason for our existence, the fire which ignites in us the passion for survival, the urge which deems us to carry on with life. It is a commonly heard saying that progress is essential for survival but there can be no progress until there is freedom. The world revolutionised from the Stone Age to the 21st century, from the wheel to the car, from the manual world to the digital world, from monarchy to democracy, from confinement to nationalism. Where once the world comprised of only the seven continents, it now has approximately 201 countries that came into being after struggling long and hard to gain independence out of which seven are still struggling to gain freedom from exterior forces. Dear audience, this is the course of life: a land can be ruled by a hypocrite but it cannot be ruled by a tyrant for when oppression reaches its peak the inner voices explode leaking wrath and fury into the suppressed kingdom. Dear audience, crimes are NOT committed because of freedom they are committed when people want to be FREED from suppression. The 18th century Suffragettes violently protested for the

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