Libertarianism In Canada

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What Libertarianism Is One of Canada’s most widely used illegal drugs, marijuana, is currently presenting a controversy between two parties, the users and Government, discussing its societal legality. Many people believe that the government should strike down the federal laws penalizing the possession and consumption of marijuana. The federal legislation that forcefully obligates a person to be liable to imprisonment is a prime example of unjustified government intervention. Libertarianism is, as the name implies, the belief in liberty. Libertarians strive for a free, peaceful, abundant world where each individual has the maximum opportunity to pursue his or her dreams and to realize his full potential. This existential thought is clearly…show more content…
The regime in control must shield the right to life, liberty and property. When Hospers states, “libertarians support all such legislation as will protect human beings against the use of force by others, for example, laws against killing, attempted killing, maiming, beating, and All kinds of physical violence”, he shows this to be true (Velasquez 677). Basically, the government should be the force acting against negative crime committed from one person to another. If the peace is kept mutual between the citizens in the society, the government should not be active at all. The property of a citizen should be kept in safety, Hospers says, “libertarians support legislation that protects the property rights of individuals against confiscation, nationalization, eminent domain, robbery, trespass, fraud and misinterpretation, patent and copyright, libel and slander” (Velasquez 677). Citizens within society must sustain the right to live without the fears of property abuses, if these rights are ever crossed capital punishment should be enforces upon the criminal. As a result, the only action the government should take should be the protection of a human’s right to life, liberty, and…show more content…
I feel that Hospers possesses a well made up argument, libertarianism, which will encourage the overall success within humans. I strongly believe that Hospers approach is a way to live and bring out the truth. The protection of an individual should be the prime and only role of a government in power. To bring out the truth within our currently corrupt world, the government must step down and allow humans to do as they please as long as others are not affected, negatively. This will bring happiness over the government’s people ultimately making the whole nation more pristine and able to move forward in solving life’s greatest mysteries. The fulfillment of all life’s pleasures is the only way to obtain true enlightenment, which every human, instinctively, strives

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