Libertarian Research Paper

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Tristin O’Neil Mr. Johnson Creative Writing 11/13/12 Why Libertarians are the Best Political Party Libertarians are a political party. They are on the left of the Political Spectrum. The Libertarians have very different views from conservatives. They are like extreme Democrats. The libertarian candidate for president in 2012 was New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. His running mate is Judge Jim Gray. The Libertarians are a superior political party because of their beliefs on the legalization of marijuana, foreign policy, and guns. The legalization of marijuana has been a controversial topic in the United States for years. Some people say it would help the nation financially, while others say it would be unhealthy for the people. Libertarians…show more content…
They have a very strong-and some say extreme-belief about war. They believe there should be no war. Of course, It’s not extreme to want world peace, but their measures are viewed so by some people. As president, Gary Johnson has promised that he would cut military spending by 43 percent. He would also take all military personnel out of Afghanistan. When you really look at his views though, they seem not so extreme. We have an abundance of military in places we don’t need, like Europe, Japan, and South Korea. Johnson also thinks that we should only intervene in foreign affairs when we absolutely need too, and that we should not have such a strong position in the UN. Considering this, we can survive a 43 percent cut in military spending. Additionally, with all of our troops pulled out of the Middle East, those countries would cease to be a threat. All of the soldiers would go home to their families, and America would be a much happier place. Johnson believes in free trade and military non-intervention. He wants to build positive relationships and avoid negative ones. Libertarians believe that we should take a page out of Switzerland’s book, and be neutral. They believe we should not pick sides in other country’s battles. There has been proof that this does not work. As reported by the libertarian party’s website, “US attempts to choose winners and losers in other countries have been marked by repeated disasters: Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi all received military support from the US before they became US
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