Liberating Gas Lab Report

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Results APPEARANCES OF MATERIALS USED Substance Physical Appearance Zinc Carbonate White; powderish Calcium Hydroxide White; powderish; like zinc carbonate 3 M HCL Clear liquid, resembles water 20 mesh granular zinc Grey, metallic, shiny 3% hydrogen peroxide Clear liquid; resembles water Manganese dioxide Very dark grey, black and powdery Copper sulfate Blue, crystalline in structure. Sky blue Zinc iodide Very dark purple, shiny and crystalline in structure 0.1 M acetic acid Clear liquid, resembles water Zinc oxide Very white powdery substance RAW RESULTS Data Specifided (Page 112 CRC handbook) Raw data Volume of Gas Collection Bottle (Average of 3 Trials) 14.04mL Mass of boiling tube (empty) 41.57g Mass of boiling tube with zinc carbonate 43.42g Mass of zinc carbonate 1.75g Volume of water in gas collection bottle after reaction 78.5mL Volume of gas product collected 185.2mL Mass of solid product with boiling tube after reaction 1.11g QUALITATIVE TEST RESULTS Group # Test Observation: Standard Positive/Negative Observation: Experimental Positive/Negative 1 H2 HCL + Zinc  bubbling + flaming stick  POP! + + flaming splint  no POP - 2 CO2 Turned cloudy + Negated from experiment Negated from experiment 3 O2 MgO2 + Hydrogen Peroxide  bubbling. Glow stick re-ignited + + wooden splint; glowing stick went out - 4 H2) Added 1 pea size CuSulfate + 1 drop of deionized water; blue, positive + Copper sulfate did not change color when put into wet filter paper - 5 Zn (OH)2 Zinc iodide + 3mL H2O  Clear suspension + Visual inspection; cloudy. Acid test= solid + 3M Acetic acid  cloudy + 6 ZnO ZnO + Heat yellow Zn Cooled White + ZnCO3 + heat yellow solid. Yellow solid cooled white solid + QUANTITATIVE DATA AND CALUCATIONS Desired Results Calculations Temperature of Water Bath 22.8oC Vapor Pressure (as
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