Liberals Intro Essay

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During 1906 to 1914 the Liberals passed reforms to try and improve the lives of the British people. Booth and Rowntree impacted the way people viewed the poor, they conducted a report which identified two areas of poor. Primary poverty was due to low wage, unemployment, sickness and old age. And secondary poverty was the source of laziness and citizens wasting money by spending it on drink and gambling. When the report was released, people began to see the true extent of poverty and that the British people couldn’t fulfil their basic needs and provide for themselves food, water, clothing and shelter. Poverty needed to be relieved and to do so Britain needed to get out of the Laissez-faire state, this meant that the government needed to start to get involve in the British people lives. Many of the ‘new Liberals’ such as Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George believed in the Liberal reforms, and that States should look after the welfare of the British people who couldn’t improve their lives themselves. The Liberals attempted this by helping the most vulnerable and those who couldn’t help but have poverty put upon them. Children were too young for employment and never had a choice when it came to earning money for their household, the elderly were to weak to continue with their work and never had a source of income after they retired. In some places job opportunities were scarce, this affected the unemployed as it prevented them from finding themselves work as they were living in areas of overpopulations which made it more difficult to find work. The sick and employed were also in need of assistance as their health prevented them from working this was due to long hours and bad conditions that they had to work in. The Liberals attempted to improve the lives of the young by passing three acts to try and improve children’s health. The elderly was affected as they were

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