Liberal Welfare Reforms Essay

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were the liberal welfare reforms between 1906 and 1914 the origins of a welfare state? This essay is going to discuss if the liberal welfare reforms between 1906 to 1914 are the origins of a welfare states. A welfare state means that no one will go with out there basic needs. The old goverments method they used was Laissez faire,which meant the people were responsible for there own lives and welfare (the goverment did not get involved in everyday life).Between 1906 to 1914 there was a series of reform acts to target five key areas : young,old,sick,unemployed and employed. I will go on to examine one reform act from each of the five key areas. The first group targeted was the young.In 1906 the goverment introduced education(provision of meals) act.This act was voluntary and allowed local goverments to provide free meals for the poorest children. Even though the the treasury said they would pay 50% of the cost of meals, half of the local goverments had not taken up the act.Also only the poorest children were able to get free meals,this meant that the children who did not get the meals still went hungry.It was also hard for the goverment to define who should get free meals and by 1914 the number of children getting free meals rose from 9 million to 14 million.Those who did get free meals weight and height improved,but in the holidays there weight fell again.This act helped the people that got it, this is proved by there weight and height increasing. This act was also very limited as only half of the goverment took up the act so many schools didnt get the free meals.Also many pupils at school didnt get it because they were not classed as poor.those who did get it weight dropped during holidays.This act helped to an extent but was limited as many goverment did not take it up and there weight dropped back down during holidays. The next group targeted was the old.

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