Liberal Feminst Theology Does Not Help Women Essay

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‘Liberal feminist theology does not help women enough’ discuss Within theology there is a variety of feminist theologies(ft); liberal, social reconstruction and radical. The main aim of liberal feminist theology is to explore gender bias roles within society. It goes on to talk of how women are entitled to equal rights and autonomy. They stress that a parochial society brings together sex and gender differences, deeming appropriate for women only those jobs associated within the femine personality. Within this essay I am going to discuss the impact secular liberal feminist theology had on women and consider whether or not it is helpful. Many people would argue that liberal feminist theology does help women, as it aims to create a society a theological basis for women within society. Firstly Elizabeth Stuart goes on to describe patriarchy as ‘constructs a social symbolic order in which men dominate women, and women are seen as the other’ This is positive to women, as she is aware how women are inferior to males as they are referred to as the ‘other’, she then goes on to say how we need to combat this issue with a transformation within society, ensuring females have equal opportunities. For this reason alone it could be argued that liberal ft does help women. However, people may disagree, and would say that we need to re write theology rather than adapted it to modern day, as adapting it will only allow women to become like men, which can be regarded as not being helpful to women. In contrast Mary Wollstonecraft believed that males and females should not be the same, yet they should have the same rights as men, including the right to work and vote. She argues that women should move away form the image of a ‘bird’ in the cage that lacked liberty, representing females. As women should be looked upon as men’s equals. As Wollstonecraft is campaigning for

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