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Marc Risdahl Mrs. Benson World Lit. 1 05/16/2011 Liam O'Flaherty Story Analysis In the Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty, a sniper fighting in the Irish civil war on the republic side awaits on a roof top; he gets into a gun battle with another enemy sniper and kills him only to find that the enemy was his brother. Another short story by O'Flaherty is called the Terrorist, which tells of a man who lives in poverty and has been concocting a plan to kill all the wealthy people at a local theatre. When the time comes though to drop the bomb he gets tackled by two bigger men and the bomb goes off. Both of these stories portray the desperation of war and violence; they contain a lot of similar elements. But the Sniper is far superior to the Terrorist in the way it portrays its characters, themes, and overall literary elements. Characters are the backbone to every story; the more you have, the more you are able to analyze. Compared to the Terrorist, the Sniper contains more analyzable characters. It is told in a third person point of view, so you don' t fully know what they are thinking and feeling but you can make inferences through their actions. In the Sniper there is the republican sniper, the opposing sniper, the turret gunner, the old woman and another unseen machine gunner; O'Flaherty purposefully doesn't give any of his characters names to symbolize that war reduces humans to nothing more than objects or targets. In the Terrorist you get to know the one character (Louis Quigley) very well and figure out how he thinks and what he feels, but he doesn't symbolize anything which is where the Sniper has the upper hand. The character symbolization used in the Sniper is one of O'Flaherty's major themes. The themes presented in the Sniper are far superior to those in the Terrorist due to the fact that they are more easily understood. O'Flaherty incorporates two main

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