Lgbt Community Essay

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Introduction: There is an estimate of over nine million LGBT Americans in the country, of that number a little under three millions are between the ages of fourteen to nineteen. (Cianciotta, 2012) People at this age are at the most vulnerable point in their life and on top of that imagine the stress of discovering or truly realizing that you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Many people want to believe that we live in a period where it is accepted to be gay or transgender, however research shows that this is not entirely true. In a recent survey 64% of LGBT students between the grades or six to twelfth said they do not feel safe at school because of their sexual orientation. (Cianciotta, 2012) Many of these people are forced to hide who they truly are because of the fear of being tormented if they came out. To make it worst many students do not feel like they have an outlet in school or at home to turn to. The same survey reported that 83% of students report that faculty or staff only sometimes or never interned when being present to students being harassed because of their sexual orientation. (Cianciotta, 2012) Also in their home life they are afraid to come out, 26% of LGBT youth are put out of their homes once they come out to their family. (Cianciotta, 2012) These children are not safe and seven times more likely to be harassed, threatened or injured by a weapon more than any other student or group. (Cianciotta, 2012) Why isn’t that this group, especially at this age, is not being protected? Suicide rates amongst LGBT youth is at an all-time high, however many people like to believe that gay acceptance is at its best (Cianciotta, 2012). The social problem that our group worked with and took action against was bringing attention to LGBT discrimination, especially in school settings and LGBT youth community, and the rights they are stripped and the

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