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Same-Sex Marriage Restrictions’ Toll on the LGBT Community’s Equality “All men are created equal,” the “immortal declaration,” the line with an underlying vagueness. All men are created equal, but not all are treated equally as should be; not without a struggle. African Americans, tragically discriminated in the early stages of the nation’s developing society, were given equal rights after arduous adamancy. Similarly, women, with perseverance and will-power, also gained the status of equality through their own obstacles. Both groups, “different” in the eyes of a blind society, viewed as inferiors unworthy of their deserved privileges, were allowed to enjoy their freedoms. It took effort, it took time, but they reached their goal. So what makes the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual community any different? They’re humans, just like the blacks and just like the women. Do they not also deserve equal rights? What did it take for society, both social and political, to allow these two groups to bask in the warmth of equality? Surely, the first step was tolerance. One does not have to agree with the principles and practices of another group; simply respecting them cracks the walls of social intolerance. It is best to mind one’s own business, most say. That couldn’t be truer for society and the issue of same-sex marriage. When a man marries a man or a woman marries a woman, it is a choice of those two individuals; a choice that affects only those two, and not the whole world. The joining of a same-sex couple has not, up to today, once instigated a wide-spread disaster. If and when they do will not kill people; the floor won’t crumble; stars won’t fall out of the sky; the world won’t be consumed in flames. It is simply two people in love, despite gender, that are accepting each other and making a life-long promise of the utmost power of affection. So why not

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