Lg Electronics: Repositioning a Successful Brand Essay

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SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATION NOVEMBER 2011 PROGRAMME: MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MODULE: Marketing DATE: DURATION: INTAKE: TIME: TOTAL MARKS: 100 MODERATOR: EXAMINER: INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATE: 1. Questions must be attempted in the answer book provided. 2. All queries should be directed to the invigilator; do not communicate or attempt to communicate with any other candidate. 3. You have THREE HOURS to complete this paper. You are not allowed to leave the examination room within the first hour and in the last 15 minutes of this examination. 4. This is a CLOSED BOOK examination. Answer ALL questions from Sections A and ANY TWO questions from Section B. 1 Section A QUESTION 1 Read the article below on LG and answer the questions that follow. LG Electronics: Repositioning a Successful Brand (40 marks) LG Electronics is the largest player in the consumer electronics market in India, which is worth Rs 35,000 crore per annum. And now it feels the need to take the brand to the next level. From an aggressive price warrior and technology provider, the brand will henceforth be communicated as a youthful enabler of life enrichment and of value-added products. For almost 10 years after it came to the country in 1997, LG had focused on the mass market. Initially LG’s objective was to create a footprint among the sizeable middle class, and other than its aggressive pricing, there was little to distinguish it from other consumer durable companies operating in India. Its product range choices also reflected the portfolio of its then rivals such as Whirlpool, Videocon, and Onida. Changing profile of Indian consumer durables market The Indian consumer durables market of today is very different, redefined primarily by the nimble Korean duo of LG and Samsung. Prior to their entry the consumer durables market in India was largely characterized

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