Lfuribe an Experience That Showed How Appearances Can Be Deceiving Essay

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“All that glitters is not gold” who hasn’t heard about this, it is a marvelous phrase which describes us that the outer beauty does not reflects the inner worth. Not always I put up make up on my face or comb my hair and I know that people dislike all that staff, but I´d like they’ll look deeper than a nice face, unfortunately that’s not the way it works, people rather sexy men and women instead of inner capacity, that’s not only a group problem but a general social problem. It is such a disappointing situation to know how a good look and a great appearance can be decisive at the time of knowing a person, seeing that our overwhelmed society is full of prejudices just watching him or her clothes’ brand, way of combing his or her hair, and even way of walking. It is not fair just to criticize the caterpillar if you don’t know that it going to become one of the most wonderful insects in nature; that’s exactly what happened to me; when I was a kid I remember my aunt and my cousins used to call me “library’s mouse”, because of my appearance and my grades. I didn’t care about that. Know I’m sixteen years old I have changed my appearance, my way of dressing, combing my hair, etc. but my grades are the same and Fernanda that is inside always has been there, she never left, and that’s the problem, each one of us has always look what is nice even if we denied it but it is true. The only thing that we have to do is to take into consideration that all those nice things can be completely empty. Remember like I told you before “all that glitters is not

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