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English comp. Compare and contrast Final There are many advantages and disadvantages to choosing a lifestyle in either country living or city living and careful examination of all aspects is needed to make the perfect decision for you. I personally have lived in both and even though they have noticeable differences choosing which area to live in is ultimately your decision which should have careful consideration on what is best for you and your family’s lifestyle. Country living tends to be more peaceful especially at night. Because there aren’t a lot people traveling or cars on the road it’s less busy. In the larger cities there’s more going on and people are up and about so of course it’s louder. Because of all the travel and transport going on in the city it tends to have more pollution which can lead to health issues such has breathing problems later in life. In the country, pollution is scarce. Also, because of less pollution in the country there’s barely any smog which creates clear sky at night to view the beautiful starts and moon! Because there are more people in the city it unfortunately creates a higher crime rate whereas smaller towns have less. Because of this you would have to be more cautious and have added security to ensure safety. In cities, public schools often have packed classrooms which can lead to poor education. Smaller towns have fewer children and the teachers can provide them with more one-on-one time for extra help! Also, the smaller towns may have more privacy because of the fewer amounts of people whereas the larger cities are more crowded with less privacy. City living does have advantages as well. One good thing is entertainment! Because there are a lot of choices of restaurants, museums, nightclubs and

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