Lexington vs Concord Essay

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Essay: Who fired first at Lexington and Concord? Since April morning in 1775, the skirmish on Lexington Common has been a subject o controversy. The questionable accounts are due to the poor written accounts. Each sides biased account are conflicting stories. The British, in an escalation of violence, fired the first shot and killed Asahel Porter, one of their prisoners. Historians have reviewed these accounts of each historian and reviewed the stories of the participants and eyewitnesses. The commander-in-chief of North America ordered Lt. Colonel Frances Smith to lead an expedition of some eight hundred men. The route they took on land was from Boston to Charleston. They then went by water on the Charles and Mystic Rivers. The patriots had more help and a better way to get information through. They had three riders taking three different routes in an effort to worn their people the British were advancing. John Parker ordered the colonial troops to not do anything if approached by the British. Consequently Parker reported that the British did fire on a “rush” Eight men were killed. John Parker is a well-respected man and his testimony would be credible. Then there was Lieutenant Gould testimony. Gould did not know and could not testify about who started the shooting. He did say the firing was in Concord. Since his information was somewhat vague he cannot be a viable witness. One matter we know from the famous Illustration of the battle of Lexington, the firing was out of control. The British destroyed the city and many people were killed. It appears that as the British arrived this again is an illustration of an artist and cannot be found viable. The British Officer, Lt. John Bakers, kept a diary. On April 1775, Bakers reported 10 -300 armed men who were to oppose the colonials. The purpose of the mission was to destroy a magazine of

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