Lewis Howard Latimer

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The inventor, Lewis Howard Latimer had parents who were slaves of James B. Gray in Virginia. George and Rebecca Latimer escaped and found their way to Boston, Massachusetts. George Lewis’ father was very clever and brave because he posed as a plantation owner. He was able to pass as a white man because of his light skin complexion. Rebecca Latimer the wife who had darker skin acted as if she was George’s slave. They pass through towns and cities to get to freedom land in Boston. A very famous black man called Fredrick Douglass who was a former slave spoke up against George Latimer’s arrest in Boston. In addition to Mr. Douglass’ request for Latimar’s freedom a trial ruled that he was still a slave. George thought his life was over but an African-American minister paid $400.00 for Mr. Latimer’s freedom. Lewis’ parents started an new life on October 1842. Three years later ,Lewis Howard Latimer was born in Chelsea Massachesetts on September 4, 1842. He was the youngest child of the family. Lewis went to grammar school and was a good student who loved to read and draw. When Lewis grew up he went into the navy at the age of 16 on September 16, 1863. Ten years later, Lewis found the love of his life and married Mary Wilson on December 10, 1873. Mr. and Mrs. Latimer had two daughters named Emma Jeanette (June 12, 1883) and Louise Rebecca (April 19, 1890). Lewis Latimer started his career after he left the navy. The first job was an office boy position with a patient law firm named Cosby Halstead and Gould. This law firm specialized in helping inventors protect their patents. Latimer taught himself how to do mechanical drawing by looking at draftsmen’s work. He also took it apond himself to read books on the subject. Lewis earned $3.00 per week. Then the president of Cosby Halstead recognized Lewis’ patient drawing abilities and promoted him to head draftsman

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