Lewis and Clark Reloaded:

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Lewis and Clark Reloaded: The 3,041-Mile Bike Trail case study Lewis and Clark Reloaded: The 3,041-Mile Bike Trail Case Study The story of two fraternal twins, Frank and Joe, They are both hat are trying to follow the historic trails of Lewis and Clark on a bike. They were both well prepaid for this event until Joe has a medical event and were admitted to the hospital. Also this case study covers both the legal and ethical ramification of excess intake of this ergogenic aid. Part I—The Adventure Begins … and Comes to a Screaming Halt The body systems that are affected and what physiological are expected for an rigorous exercise following the strenuous task as this multi day event. Rigorous exercise primarily affects the skeletal system in the area of bone-mineral density. Providing weight-bearing loads on the body significantly affects the integrity, stability and strength of bone. Bone-mineral density is improved through chronic exercise in the form of resistance training. There are a variety of positive changes that occur in the cardiovascular system due to rigorous exercise participation. Rigorous exercise increases several vital components of the cardiovascular system such as heart size, stroke volume, cardiac output, blood flow and blood pressure. Additionally, rigorous exercise affects risks factors related to the cardiovascular system. The signs and symptoms that Joe shows on the 20th day are dizziness, fatigue, headache, muscle ache, stomach ache. This indicates that is showing the classic signs and symptoms of dehydration. Also a secondary potential diagnosis is an infection. Part II—A Change of Scenery To this point the case study has focused on the event prior to the syncope episode. Now Joe has been admitted to the Emergency Room and we have some additional resources like lab values. The new relevant information that we have

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