Lewis And Clark Expedition Essay

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January 2, 1804 - I have been asked by my good friend Patrick Gass, a carpenter, to join a team who've been commissioned by President Jefferson to discover the northwest passage and the west. It didn't take me long to say yes. January 21, 1804 - I met the captains of this expedition, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, along with many of the crew. They seem to be a lively and good bunch of characters. I think I will be in good company. We have been outfitting the keel boat for the journey. May 14, 1804 - We have finally set off, leaving our encampment in Illinois. I felt a great sense of pride as we crossed the Mississippi and embarked up the Missouri river. May 16, 1804 - The current is very strong. Drifting logs are not very kind to our keelboat. This is a tough river to navigate. It is definitely challenging us. I think it wants to take us back to the Mississippi. We stopped at St. Charles and met some kind descendents of the French from Canada. June 5, 1804 - George Droulliard is our best hunter, bringing us meat to cook nearly everyday. He is a most valuable asset to our team. John Ordway has also provided us with cornmeal and flour. Mosquitoes are very bothersome. June 13, 1804 - Silas Goodrich caught some tasty catfish today. It was a real treat. He is quite the fisherman. Clark has been very busy calculating and estimating distances so he can create maps. June 20, 1804 - Lewis is taking botanical samples wherever he can. He also helps the crew with their various ailments. I fell queasy the other night, and he gave me something the men call "Rush' Thunderbolts." I'll never forget the feeling that gave me; it ran me through like nothing I've ever had. Mosquitoes were relentless tonight. July 4, 1804 - Celebrated Independence day with an extra round of whiskey, and firing the keel boats' cannons. August 2, 1804 - Met

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