Lewis and Clark Essay

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Keagan Latta Mr. Francoeur HH American Studies 4 October 2012 Lewis and Clark Evolving America When I was 12 years old, I went on a day long scavenger hunt with just one other person on my team. My friend Brett and I were given a list of materials to find, and nothing else. Being in the woods for hours, I learned to have a sense of adventure and how difficult it is to navigate in unknown territories without a map. American territorial exploration can simply be defined by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Lewis and Clark are legends in America, they are known by almost all of the people in the United States. These two great co-expedition leaders were the first successful white Americans to travel West across continental America to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark were sent by President Jefferson to accomplish many goals that would benefit the United States in several ways. Whether it being the new jobs that the expedition prepared the U.S for, or it being by the groups of people that decided to move their homes West because of the expeditions discoveries, all citizens of the United States were affected by their expedition in the long run. The Lewis and Clark Expedition accomplished the American desire for western expansion across the Louisiana Purchase, prompting U.S motivation and curiosity to Americans. Multiple prior events and backgrounds details were essential in piecing together the Lewis and Clark Expedition. President Jefferson began searching for a trusted person to lead an expedition across the country before he even acquired the rest of continental America. This was shown in the Encyclopedia of the American West (1996) which stated, “The Louisiana Purchase came after the planning of the expedition across America” (Third paragraph). President Jefferson asked congress for 2,500$ to fund the

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