Levy Employs Effective Conflict Resolution as a Leader

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Two hospitals in Boston, the Beth Israel and the Deaconess, with different cultures, merged together to form Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in 1996. As the new leader of BIDMC, Paul Levy was faced with many situations that required effective decision making skills. BIDMC was filled with a culture of indecisions, and religious and morale problems. In the atmosphere where one will get blamed for achieving negative outcomes as a result of taking a risk, Paul showed the courage to take risks with no fear. He went ahead with risks after requesting permission, and apologized when things went wrong. When his committee meetings went non-productive due to unhealthy disputes between committee members, Paul met with each party separately and found a solution to resolve the issue. Levy exhibited effective leadership skills when dealing with conflict. First, Levy was willing to lose in order to win. A successful leader should take courage in taking risks and handling mistakes to foster innovation (Charles W. Prather, 2008). Second, Levy created a win-win situation for both the committee members, who made unhealthy arguments during a meeting, by scheduling individual discussions with them and coming up with a mutual agreeable solution (Daniel Epler, 2014). When the committee members were behaving with discontent, Levy stepped in calmly with positive thoughts and language to resolve the conflict. Levy’s timely and thoughtful actions helped the committee regain its productivity. Conflict resolution skills have always been important necessity throughout my life. Most of my stress and tension come from unresolved issues and unhealthy arguments, whether at work or at my personal space. I am working on developing my leadership skills, and I have identified decision making as one of the improvement area. Achieving the courage to take risks without the fear of failure
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