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Rebecca Cochrane Student number: 20993737 NCFE number: 102646872 Address: 12c Khyber Road, Parkstone, Dorset, BH122DG ASSIGNMENT 1 Task 1 Design a child development booklet which outlines the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth to 19 years, to include a chart or timeline which illustrates the different aspects of development.. Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and Language, Emotional. Social development involves learning the values, knowledge and skills that enable children to relate to others effectively and to contribute in positive ways to family, school and the community. This kind of learning is passed on to children directly by those who care for and teach them, as well as indirectly through social relationships within the family or with friends, and through children’s participation in the culture around them. Through their relationships with others and their growing awareness of social values and expectations, children build a sense of who they are and of the social roles available to them. As children develop socially, they both respond to the influences around them and play an active part in shaping their relationships. This section will give you some information about what children are typically doing at various ages and stages in their social development. AGE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 3-9 MONTH Shows fear of strangers and excitement to familiar people Laughs when head covered with towel Laughs out loud Holds out arms when wants to be picked up Recognizes mother and self in mirror Sees mother as a serperate person; father as a seperate person 9-18 MONTH Distinguishes from self and others Fears strange people and places Waves bye-bye, plays patty cake and peek-a-boo Shows egocentric behaviour Enjoys being the center of attention Prefers certain people to others Begins to

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