Level 3 Taching and Learing Support Essay

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Unit 7 3abc, 3.4, 3.5 Communication is important in the school setting. With different cultural and social differences such as working alongside colleagues from a different nationality it is important to adapt accordingly giving them the respect they deserve. During certain situations a colleague with a different nationality may deal with an incident differently however if its dealt with appropriately show them your support and respect this will create a more professional work place. It’s also important to adapt communication skills to the context of the situation such as formal or informal communication, may it be verbal, letter or emails, as long as the intended is able to access it accordingly. Communication differences work the same as long as you’re understanding of the difference and can adapt, show respect and within the working environment, professional relationships go onto developed a well-rounded support network for each other. If ever in a conflict at work use skills and techniques learnt to resolve the issue. Sometimes the problem or conflict can’t be that easily resolved therefor it’s important to discuss the matter constructively so you can move on working together in a professional working environment. While working in schools there may be times that other adults you work with may seek sources of information from you. Depending on the information it might be more difficult for you to answer if you’re not certain of all the facts? It’s at this point you direct them to a known support source of the correct information, which could be a Teacher, SENCo or Head Teacher? You may even direct to outside agencies if

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