Level 3 Support Teaching Essay

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Safeguarding children and young people is essential whenever and wherever they may be, for example during out of school activities such as brownies, football or dance clubs. All the associations should have safeguarding policies and strictly adhere to guidelines, even in our homes we must safeguard our children from potential hazards such as inappropriate use of the internet, being aware of what are children are viewing and having the correct up to date protection on our computers and reminding the children about e-safety. We cannot turn a blind eye to what they are viewing as the content may be passed along, causing continuous damage to many children.In some instances the situation may have to be reported to the police /CEOPS (child exploitation and online protection services). If a crime is witnessed outside of school such as bullying or fighting it’s necessary that it is reported including giving the names of any young children involved, this is so that the children can be dealt with and protected from further incidents. New training has been given to the police in dealing with cases of forced marriage and it is publicly known as such cases eg. ‘Shafilea Ahmed’ how young girls are abused or even murdered, we have a duty to protect/safeguard all children and young people in the United Kingdom whatever their colour, race or religion. Schools organise for professionals to come in and train or give advice to the children to help them be more aware and understand why it is necessary to continually safeguard themselves. The cycle proficiency training helps the children to understand and how to protect themselves from danger when out on the roads on their bicycles. PHSE (personal, social and health education) lessons tackle subjects such as bullying, sex education, drugs and abuse and how to protect themselves or how to deal with some of those situations. The

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