Level 3 Diploma Essay

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Learning outcome/ assessment criteria Evidence type Evidence Outcome 1.1 S A Personal relationship is found between friends,family and loved ones. Usually defined by an emotional boned between one another instead of situational or geographical or environmental as is found in a working relationship. With a working relationship colleagues need to work together as a team and get along with each other to achieve a goal. Individuals should feel they can discuss issues openly and be fairly treated. Within the work environment you can build a good rappor with one another. A situation may arise in the workplace when a couple work together and an incident happens. Ive seen this happen where the partner takes sides, which is unprofessional and a conflict of opinion. This is not remaining impartial in the workplace where all colleagues should work alongside each other for the interest of the main priority which is the patient Outcome 1.2 S There are many different working relationships in the health and social care setting such as. Registered nurses, Health Care Assistants, Doctors, Managers, Consultants, Porters, Clerical staff even down to the volunteers. We all work in the same environment and we all have the patients needs first so we all need to work together to maintain a high standard of care. We should all respect one another for the different jobs we fulfil because we are all aiming for the same outcome which is patient care. Outcome 2.1 S It is extremely important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role as the individual has been trained to do so. There has been boundaries that have been put into place which need to be kept. If the individual strays from this it could be very dangerous as they havant been trained to do so and there is also legal implications with performing tasks which we are not trained to do. If a role is performed outside of there

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