Level 3 Counselling G Skills

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1.1 Being able to communicate well helps in forming effective relationships. Good reasons for good communication are valuable to promote relationships and offer support, arrangements for regular contact helps build up a mutual system of support. This enables you to maintain relationships, getting to know people to help build on trust and understanding. To exchange information is important for all parties to gain knowledge for any important reasons such as medical, behavioural, contact details etc. to be able to liase and negotiate with others enables a communication that can be used for all reasons and all parties, being able to pass on information to every agency involved in a full and precise manner. Communication is also the key to allow us to express emotions, needs and feelings freely and confidently knowing there will be someone who will acknowledge us and will help us meet our needs. 1.2 Making sure you have effective relationships in the work place and establishing them enables you to support other people and also for them to support you in times of need. Creating a positive working environment in which everyone experiences job satisfaction, children's and young peoples development is supported, adults work together as a team aiming to provide the best possible service they can. Communication in the workplace also helps provide easy transitions such as new children/young people or new staff settling in to the environment and this helps to manage the situation sensitively. Good communication will also mean regular information is shared and any concerns are addressed and continuity of communication is kept
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