Level 3 Childcare - Unit 1

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Unit 1 - An Introduction to Working with Children.. E1.. A statutory setting which is government funded that provides care for children in my area is Ward end Primary School. This is a mixed gender community school. It is open all weekdays except for holidays. The lowest age range is 3 years old and the highest is 11 years old. A private setting in my area is called Prime Time Nursery. This setting is open all weekdays from 07.30am-2.30pm which has places for a total of 30 children. The age range for the children is 0-8 years old. A voluntary setting in my area is called the Naseby Centre which is a play scheme for children during holidays except for Christmas. This setting is open from 10am-2pm to the local community and nearby areas. E2.. Wardend Primary School supports the children and their families in a lot of ways for example, making sure children develop in all areas and also meeting their needs. This school ensures that all children are supported as they are set up with the basic skills they need. Ward end states “The aim for this school is for the children to develop knowledge and skills that provides them with a positive experience in education in which they continue to have a desire to learn. Prime Time Nursery’s supports the children in a lot of ways by offering full day care for children up to the ages of 8 years old. They offer five healthy meals a day also making sure that individual needs are taken into account but the children are treated equally but fairly. Naseby Centre supports all children and families even if they have learning difficulties and/or disabilities or if they do not have English as an additional language. This shows that individual needs are also taken into consideration here. E3.. One main legislation in England that supports the rights of the children is the ‘Children Act 1989’. This legislation supports the rights of the
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