Level 3 Childcare Essay

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There is also many more. Other settings that care for children may be schools, nurseries, parent and toddler groups, after-school clubs, child-minders, holiday clubs, crèches and pre-schools. Another setting which care for children are voluntary settings. This is an organization which is run by volunteers and funded by donations from the community. Voluntary settings support children by giving them the opportunities to play and interact with other children. It also benefits parents by giving them the opportunity to get back into work or a break to keep on top of house work they may not be able to do with children around them. Another type of setting is a statutory setting. A statutory setting is funded by the government and it is the law for these services to be provided for children and their families. Another setting is a private setting, this is a setting working for a profit and it not funded by the government. It is owned by company or individuals. An independent setting organizes their provision as they may not rely on funding from the government. If an independent school does not receive funding from the government they may not follow curriculum frameworks or the EYFS. The independent settings are still ensured the welfare of the child is paramount. It is important for children to go to a childcare setting even if it’s voluntary or a private school. Children learn through play and interaction and each of these settings provide this. Day care may help parents who work. It also prepares children being without a primary carer, so it is helping with separation. It gives children a rough idea of a new routine and transition of when they go to school. Parents want their child to socialize, interact, and have new routines or to give children the opportunity to play and learn through a variety of activities that they may not be able to access at home. I think it is

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