Level 3 Childcare, 025/026 Safeguarding

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Unit 025/026- safeguarding understand how to safeguard the well-being of children and young people. 1.1 Current legislation within home UK home nation, affecting safeguarding of children and young people, includes how: inquiries and reviews where children have suffered harm or death. Data protection, information handling and sharing have affected current legislation and practice. Legislation has been around for many years, even since the 1880’s. Overall legislation is there to protect people of all ages, race, sexual orientation and cultural differences. In regards to safeguarding it is to protect children and young people. Current child protection is reviewed in response to high profile child protection cases, e.g, Maria Colwell, Victoria Climbie and Peter Connely (Baby P). There are many of pieces of legislation, which regard to safeguarding children and young people: Prevention of cruelty to children act 1889, renewed in 1904 Children Act 1908, renewed 1948, renewed in 1989, renewed in 2004, renewed 2006 Children and young people Act 1933, renewed in 1969 Sex offenders act 1997 Data protection act 1998 Human rights act 1998 protection of children act 1999 adoption and children act 2002 sexual offences act 2003 domestic violence, crime and victim act 2004 family procedure order 2005 Children’s Act legislation As a consequence of the inquiry into Victoria Climbie, the act was amended. Its purpose is to give boundaries, and help for local authorities. It is also, there for other entities that regulate laws/enact punishment. Other purposes behind the act are: changes around the laws that involve children. Makes modifications to laws when they deal with issues related to children ( foster homes, adoption agencies, babysitting services) Allows some ‘changes’ to the law when it relates to general authority figures handling child related crimes

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