Level 3 Child Care Essay

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024.1.1 Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development | How are these considered when observing/assessing? | Confidentiality and when this needs to be breached | Before carrying out observations on children, it is usual to gain permission from parents/carers. Observations need to be stored carefully and when talking about a child, its to be only to staff members inside the setting, not outside to family or friends. It is also important to protect a childs identity by using an alternative name or using terms such as ‘child A’. | Children’s wishes and feelings | Children have rights and there will be times when it will not be appropriate to observe/assess children. For example, this will be if a child is upset. It is important to remember that the way we write about children in observations must be respectful. | Ethnic, linguistic and cultural background | It is important that we can assess children’s development reliably. Sometimes the behaviour, skills and interests that children show are dependent on their ethnic, cultural or linguistic background. For example, a child who does not take part in the story of the three little pigs may not feel comfortable because they are seen as unclean. Even so, the observer may see this as the child not being interested in drama. | Disability or specific requirements | Some children may have a disability or particular needs that need to be met. These need to be taken into consideration when observing and assessing. If a child that had dyslexia for example at school, they will be allowed additional time for help and additional time to sit tests. In nursery however a child may need an adult to remember to give one instruction at a time. Not understanding the nature of a child’s disability can lead to a practitioner underestimating a child’s ability. | Reliability of information |

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