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0This front sheet must be completed by the learner where appropriate and included with the work submitted for assessment. Unit: 6 Culture and Diversity in Health and Social Care Course: BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care Learner Name (Please enter your name):|Kelci harris| Assessor Name: Mike Tenbeth|Internal Verifier: Jayne Boyns| Lead IV Sampled? (Y/N)|Pre-Issue IV Date:16/04/2012| Assignment Title: 6c Cultural Diversity|Assignment Ref (if used):| Issue Date: 10/03/14|End Date: 28/04/14|Actual Hand-in Date:|| Unit/ AC Ref |Assessment Criteria |Achieved |Evidence Location|Comments/feedback from assessor | Unit 6|P4 Outline one piece of relevant legislation and one code of practice or charter for a chosen health or social care environment that aims to promote diversity.|Yes/No||| |M3 Describe how the legislation and code of practice or charter promotes diversity.|Yes/No||| |D2 Assess the effectiveness of the chosen legislation and code of practice or charter in promoting diversity.|Yes/No||| Learner’s comments: | Learner’s declaration: I declare that this is my own work. I understand that assignment malpractice such as plagiarism (copying), colluding or other forms of cheating will incur a heavy penalty in line with College and other policies. I have properly acknowledged the books, texts or other material quoted or used in this assignment. I am aware of the college appeals policy in the Student Handbook.| Learner’s signature: |Date: | Assessor’s general comments: | Name: kelci harrisSignature: |Date: 28/04/14| Internal verifier’s comments on assessment (if sampled): | Name:Signature: |Date: | Learning Outcomes 4Know the role of legislation, codes of practice and charters in promoting diversity.| TaskIn essay format give a brief outline of the main points covered by a piece of legislation and code of practice/charter

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