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Diversity is differences between people and group’s this could be race, disability, gender, religion, culture and background. It’s recognizing that people may have similarities but are also different in their own way. Diversity has visible and non-visible factors. We are protected under discrimination legislation’s by recognizing and understanding individual’s differences and respecting them, we can create a productive and happy environment. Equality is treating individuals in a way that's appropriate for their needs and treating them with respect at all times, everyone deserves to be treated equality and given equal opportunities and also treated with equal concerns to be able to progress with their development and learning. Inclusion is making everybody feel welcome and included. Inclusion is understanding and identifying making everybody feel like they belong, breaking any barriers and making sure we are there at all times to discuss any issues. It's important that the children and families feel proud and to be and feel themselves. Also feel part of the setting. We promote equal opportunities to everyone and teach and promote positive attitudes to diversity. The way we interact with each other in society is regulated by law. The equality act 2010 brings all these acts regarding equality and discrimination together. The act is to be followed by all organizations that provide a service to the public. The act is there to be followed and to protect from any discrimination. Within my role I am aware of theses policy's and have a policy regarding equal opportunities and a policy for supporting children with learning difficulties and disabilities, this is called the sen code of practice. We follow the policies and promote them with our work. It is important to interact with individuals about their beliefs, culture, value's and preference's as it helps you to understand

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