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Overview and Scrutiny Short review into the health impact of damp and mould in social housing Housing Select Committee March 2011 Contents Chair’s introduction Executive summary Purpose and structure of review Background Findings Recommendations Appendices 3 4 5 6 9 18 21 Membership of the Housing Select Committee: Councillor Ami Ibitson (Chair) Councillor Vincent Davis (Vice Chair) Councillor Paul Bell Councillor Liam Curran Councillor Amanda De Ryk Councillor Vicky Foxcroft Councillor Michael Harris Councillor Darren Johnson Councillor Sam Owolabi-Oluyole Councillor Pete Pattisson 1. Chair’s introduction Maintaining the homes they manage to ensure the comfort and safety of those living there is a fundamental part of the obligations housing providers owe to their tenants and leaseholders. As ward councillors, most of us, at some time or another will have dealt with a constituent who is suffering problems with damp and mould in their home, both as a one off incident or as a persistent problem. This can cause anything from an irritation, to a regular need to redecorate, to an unpleasant home environment that may even be having an impact on the family’s health, particularly when a family member has a pre-existing condition such as a respiratory illness. Most of us are also aware of the frustration of residents for whom the issue recurs despite works having taken place, or who do not believe their concerns are being considered appropriately by their housing provider. The Housing Select Committee, has therefore undertaken an investigation into how housing providers respond to complaints about damp and mould, how possible health impacts are considered and the viability of the possible solutions available to landlords, particularly during the current harsh financial climate. Our aim was to identify ways in which housing providers might develop particular

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