Level 2 - 3.2 Personal Hygeine

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As a care provider it is your duty or role to find out the underlying reasons of lack in personal care and how they may be addressed. If the client has an illness or disability such as depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia, a learning disability and schizophrenia then one solution cold be to speak to your manager or social worker to get a care plan drawn up, for the client. These should be followed accordingly once the client has been assessed. Clients with dementia may become confused and agitated, so remember to keep things calm and simple, providing a warm relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes just sitting down with the client in a private, calm atmosphere and discussing with them the reasons why personal hygiene or care is important and work together with them to provide a plan of action or solution to assist them. Every client is different and has different needs, preferences and wishes, these could be due to illness, disability, religion, past bad experiences, cultural and the way they have been raised. In all these cases you must make sure that you implement a person centered approach when building and organizing the personal care routine. If the client has a specific skin condition or allergy then contacting their GP, to arrange for specialist lotions, gels and creams to assist with their personal care, some clients due to size, weight, illness or disability may require the use of specialist equipment, such as hoists, slings and shower seats, I cases like these then the occupational therapist should be informed and they will make arrangements for the necessary adaptations and never use any equipment unless you are fully trained. If the client has a financial problem then with their consent, investigate the reasons why they are in that particular situation, it could be they are suffering from financial abuse or that they are unaware of the extra help they are entitled to,
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