Letter Too My Younger Self

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Letter to my Younger Self Hello there, Your 14 now aren’t you? Nearly 15, well you are at the tipping point of your life right now. Do you get perfect grades and go into law at college, or do you do all right and go for an apprenticeship? Well that's not up to me any more. Its up to you! Don’t let it pressure you do what you want to do, not what is going to get you the most money, do what you think will make you happy. Not content, not okay, but happy. I'm not going to tell you what i chose, but i can tell you I am happy with it. And this all depends on what you do now and what your work ethic is now! If you choose to do well and go into law, you will have a good lifestyle, however you will feel stressed out a lot, meaning you may not be happy unless you control your work. If you choose to go for the apprenticeship you are going to have an all right lifestyle but most importantly you will be happy. Now that we have all of the boring depressing stuff out of the way lets get on to the fun stuff. Don’t worry about girls, Considering your 14 you probably just got into your first relationship, it goes well. It lasts until, wait no this is your life now you choose how long it lasts!! Everything that happens from now is you, not me. You do not need to follow what i did you choose what you do and hat the outcomes are!!! There are plenty of girls throughout your college life. But only one I met that mattered. I met her on a night out with my mates. Her name was Pen short for Penelope but she never liked being called that as I am sure you can imagine! I got married when your 30 and when she was 27. And even to this day we are still together. But this is my life if you don't go on that night out you will find someone else and I am sure your life will be just as perfect a mine!! Speaking of which i haven’t told you how old i am. I today on the 23rd of

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